The Legend of Spanish Marie

The story of Spanish Marie takes place in South Florida during the Prohibition Era of the 1920s. Marie Waite inherits her slain husband’s alcohol smuggling empire and, against all odds, grows it into a million-dollar business. This blue-eyed beauty of Swedish-Mexican descent commands a flotilla of 15 heavily-armed ships to ward off coast guards. Cryptic messages in Spanish conceal all internal communications earning her the nickname “Spanish Marie”. As her power and influence grow, stories of her ruthlessness begin to spread. Some describe the six-foot-tall brunette as a fickle and dangerous person with a hot temperament. Rumor has it that her lovers wore cement shoes the last day they were ever seen leaving the docks. But who really knows? After all, dead men tell no tales. 

On March 12, 1928, Marie is arrested. She posts bail shortly after and vanishes without a trace along with her children. The authorities and Al Capone are now at her heels, so she places her entire operation in the hands of her loyal henchmen, Alby & Jaime. With her late husband’s childhood friends at the helm, a chain of confectionaries & restaurants called “Spanish Marie” are established as a shell corporations for her illicit enterprise. Pizza, chocolate, candy, and ice cream create the perfect means for establishing their black market distribution channel across Florida. A speakeasy is said to be running in the back of every sweet shop.

As for Marie, nobody really sees her around town these days as one would expect from any mob boss on the lam. Last I heard, they set up a smuggling outpost with a beer garden near the everglades to run rum in from Havana. But I'd steer clear from there if I were you. They’ll do anything to protect Marie and her interests. 


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